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Урок английского языка в 11 классе "Ярмарка Food Fair"


Задачи: Обучающая – овладение диалогом этикетного характера, диалогом - обменом мнениями, полилогом (способностью к общению в группе).

Развивающая – развитие сенсорного восприятия учащихся, коммуникативных умений и навыков в процессе общения на языке, умения подготовить связное высказывание по теме.

Воспитательная – формирование стойкой мотивации к изучению английского языка формирование уважения к культуре и традициям других народов.

о6орудование: вывески, меню, приглашения, карточки с загадками, ребусами, плакаты, тары, жетоны, блюда, столовые приборы.

Ход урока

Звучит музыка.

Вступительное слово учителя.

Good morning. Dear friends we are having a Food Fair today. Do you want to visit it? Let's begin. Meet Pete and Pat. They are clowns and they wart you to be happy at our Food Fair. You are welcome!

Речевая зарядка.

Clown 1 Hi

Clown 2 – Hallow, friends! Answer our questions, will you?

1. Do you like fruit (meat, vegetables)?

2. Which fruit (vegetables) do you like?

3. What kind of food do you like?

4. Have you ever had a cheese and butter sandwich?

5. Is Coca Cola worth trying?

b. What do you ask when you come to a cafe or restaurant?

7. What is your favorite food?

8. What do you usually have for breakfast?

9. Have you ever tried hot dogs?

10. Which drinks do you like and which don't you like?

11. Do you know what a sandwich is?

12. What would you like to try at our Food Fair?

(Учащиеся, правильно ответившие на вопросы клоунов, получают жетоны. Выполненные из картона в форме яблока или помидора).

III. Реклама кафе и ресторанов

Clown 1 – You have come to our annual Food Fair. You see some booth. Each booth represents its meal. It's worth trying.

Clown 2 – They give their food for free. Let's listen to their advertisements.

1. The booth of American' Smiley Hot Dog' cafe (2 ученика-хозяева выставки представляют рекламу своего кафе).

Only today! Only once a year! We are here to invite you to visit our cafe. Tasty hamburgers and cheeseburgers, hot dogs and all kind of soft drinks. Come on. We give out samples of our food for free.

2. Welcome to our Russian cafe ''Sunny Pancake"! You see pancakes with cream and jam here. We have Siberian pelmenies too. They are with different kind of spices. Our refreshing drinks such as kvas and blueberry juice are very popular.

3. Have you ever tried a real English pudding? Have you ever tried a real English breakfast? You are welcome to our restaurant "Queen Victoria". This restaurant is known for some old traditions and different kinds of pudding. You have a wonderful opportunity to try some of them. You can also have a cup of English tea with milk, lemon or cream.

4. Nice to see you! We've set our booth to advertise our restaurant "Sarma". We want you to know what kind of food we have. Please taste our delicious national dishes: pozas, arsa and green tea. We are sure you will like them and come to our restaurant some day.

Clown 1. Thank you. The owners of all booths have represented their cafes. and restaurants. It's time to taste their food.

IV. Посещение ярмарки.

Диалоги и полилоги отрабатываются заранее. 4 пары посетителей подходят к четырем выставкам, беседуют между собой и с хозяевами. Посетители движутся по кругу (порядок оговорен). Этот этап урока длится 20–25 минут.

Примерные диалоги:

1. l .-Let's taste Russian food.

2. -What are they offering?

1. -I see pancakes with jam and cream. And they offer Siberian pelmenies and kvas.

Waiter. Good morning! Are you ready to order?

1. -Could you give us some pelmenies, please?

Waiter. Would you like some spices?

1.- Just a little pepper.

2. I'd like some cream, please.

Waiter. – Here you are

1. -Oh. it's very tasty!

2. -It's great!

Waiter.-Anything else? We can suggest you our drinks: kvas or blueberry juice.

1. -Some kvas, please. I've never tried it.

2. -Me too.

Waiter. -Here you are. Enjoy it.

1. -Oh, thank you. I like kvas.

2. -It's excellent.

(Официанты дают приглашения посетить их кафе, где их ожидает скидка).

2.1. -Would you like some pudding? I see it is served by English restaurant "Queen Victoria”.

2.Yes. I'd like some.

Waiter. -Good morning! Here is our menu.

1. -Oh, they have different kind of pudding.

2. -Let's try bread pudding.

Waiter. -Take some, please. Help yourself!

1. -Oh. It's finger licking good.

2. -Yes, it is delicious.

Waiter. -Let me suggest you a cup of English tea.

1. -I'd like to try it.

2. -It's tasty.

1. -I like it too, it is strong enough for me.

Waiter. – Anything else?

1. -Oh, thank you.

Waiter. – See you in our restaurant.

3. 1. -Let's go over to that booth. There are pozas being served. It's a typical Buryat food.

2. -Really? I want to try this dish.

Waiter. - Welcome! Here is our menu, please. Are you ready to order?

1. -Yes, I'll have a poza and some green tea.

2. -I'd like a poza too, please.

Waiter. – What would you like to drink?

2. -I've never tried arsa. Is it good?

Waiter. – Oh, yes. It's tasty and good for your health.

2. -I'll try it. Oh. it's really excellent.

1. -I like my tea too, thank you.

Waiter. – We hope you'll come to our restaurant. Good bye.

4. 1.-Don't you mind our going to the American booth?

2. No, not at all.

Waiter. – Can 1 help you?

1. -Yes I'd like a hamburger.

2. -I'd like a hot dog, please.

Waiter. – Here you are.

1. -My hamburger is well done.

2. -The hot dog is good too.

Waiter. – What would you like to drink? We have Coca, iced tea, lemonade.

1. -I want some iced tea, please.

Waiter. – Here you are. And you, are you ready to order anything to drink?

2. -A little Coca. please. Thank you.

1. -It's great! I'm full.

2. -Me too. I know traditional food of some countries. It's great!

Корреспондент подходит к хозяевам выставки, посетителям, представляется, задает вопросы о ярмарке.

Лексические игры.

Посетители возвращаются на свои места. Клоуны поводят лексические игры (по рисункам).

Clown 1 – And now, girls and boys, will you solve some riddles and rebuses (puzzles).

(Показывают рисунки)

It’s white, it’s cold, it’s sweet.(Ice – cream)

It's green outside and red inside. (Watermelon)

Clown 2 -Do you know any proverbs about food? (Tastes differ. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, etc).

(Клоуны дают жетоны ученикам, правильно ответившим на задания).

Clown 1 – Do you like our fair?

Clown 2 – What is the best booth?

Clown 1 – What dish do you like best of all?

Clown 2 -  May be the owners of these booth will give us some of their recipes?


Хозяева каждой выставки предлагают рецепты одного из блюд, понравившихся посетителям.

1. '"Sunny pancake" offers to make pancakes. Break two eggs and drop them in a bowl. Add some salt and milk. Mix eggs. Add some flour, one teaspoon of baking powder and some oil. Mix it. Put the pan on the stove to heat it up. Pour some mixture into the pan and cook its both sides. Put your pancake on your plate. Enjoy it.

2. "Smiley Hot Dog" represents? American traditional hot dog. Mix some flour and baking powder. Add a little salt, an egg, some yeast and a little bit of sugar. Roll out the dough, cut into rounds. Put a sausage on the round roll in it. In 10–15 minutes bake buns in a hot oven for 15–20 minutes. Your hot dog is ready!

3. Our restaurant "Sarma" offers you a recipe of Buryat traditional pozas. The dough is made from flour, water, an egg and some salt. Roll out the dough to about 0.5 cm. thick Cut into rounds Put some beef and onion mince on each round. Gather sides up and cook them steamed. It's easy to cook and finger licking good.

4. "Queen Victoria" advises you to make real English bread pudding. Peel and grate apples, mix with cubed dried bread, butter, <S eggs yolks, 100 grams of raisins, a pinch of cinnamon and nuts. Stir 8 egg whites and 200 grams of sugar and add slowly into the casserole. Put the casserole into the oven and bake it for 45 - 60 minutes. Then out your pudding and pour it with sweet sauce. It's tasty.

Clown 1 – Thank you for your recipes. I am sure our guests will use them.

Clown 2 - Let's see how active you have been.

(Подсчитываются жетоны, в обмен клоуны вручают яблоко или конфету).

VII. Итог урока.

Учитель: Well, our Food Fair is over. Now listen to my assistants. They have marked your knowledge on the topic. I'm very glad and proud that you have shown good knowledge. I am sure you can visit any restaurant abroad some day. Good luck!

(Оценки только хорошие и отличные. После урока мы обсуждаем, что получилось хорошо, над чем стоит поработать).






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