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Глава 1

Упражнение 1

1) Where is Kate? I don’t know

2) What is funny? Why are you laughing?

3) What is your sister doing? She is a dentist

4) Where does he work?

5) What are the children doing now?

6) I am wearing jeans and a black t-shirt

7) They are going for a walk. They go for a walk every Sunday

8) It is raining now, I do not want to go out

9) Where are you from?

10) How much does it cost to call to Canada?

11) Steve is a good tennis player, but he does not play often

12) Where is Tom? He is taking a shower

13) Listen, somebody is singing

14) Pat is speaking on the phone now. She always speaks for a long time with her friend

15) Where are you? I am sitting at the doctor’s reception

16) Where does your family live?

17) Where does your brother live?

18) Where are you living now?

19) Sandra is tired and wants to go home

20) Are you going with me?

21) I am sorry, buy you are sitting on my place

22) It is late and it’s time to go home for me. Are you going with me?

23) When does your father finish his work?

24) You can turn off the radio, I am not listening to it

25) Where is Paul? He is in the kitchen, he is cooking something.

26) Martin usually does not drive to work, he walks

Упражнение 2

1) Julie is reading in the garden

2) She has two daughters

3) I am living in Spain these two weeks

4) He often comes to dinner with us

5) How many languages does she speak?

6) The lesson starts at nine everyday

7) I do not work on Sundays

8) I am studying now, and she is watching TV

9) How often do you go to restaurant?

10) I am sorry, I do not understand you

11) Who are you talking with now?

12) This summer she is working as a waitress

13) Who are you living with now?

14) She goes to dancing classes every Tuesday

15) It is cold here in winter

16) Take an umbrella, it is raining

17) This cake is delicious

18) Who does this bag belong to?

Упражнение 3

1) What books does your sister like to read?

2) Who is this person standing next to the door?

3) How far is it from here to New York?

4) Why aren’t your children at school?

5) How much does it take you to get from the subway to the shop?

6) Who do these gloves belong to?

7) What is your mother’s favorite flower?

8) What are you reading now?

9) How old are her children?

10) What subject at school do you like most?

11) What is this material?

12) What language are you studying?

13) How much does it cost to call to Moscow?

14) What does your brother do? Is he working now?

15) How may beds are in this room?

16) Is there an air conditioning in this room?

17) I am having lunch now, can you call back later?

18) When do you close?

19) I am thinking of selling my car

20) When does your father finish work?

21) Why don’t we go for a walk?

22) What is this cat’s eyes color?

23) When is it your birthday?

24) How well does he know history?

25) Who do these books belong to?

26) Is anybody sitting here?

27) Who are you talking with?

28) What do you eat for breakfast?

29) Is there a table in this room?

30) Are there good restaurants nearby?

31) How much time do you have?

32) How can I get to Oxford?

33) Are there any buses from here to Oxford?

34) What films do you like to watch?

35) Why is the fridge empty?

36) How often does it snow here?

37) Is it raining now?

Упражнение 4

1) He is reading now

2) When does your working day start?

3) Is mr. Johns working in the garden?

4) When does the shop open?

5) Is Nancy painting the kitchen?

6) Does your sister wake up early?

7) Where is the supermarket?

8) Are you neighbors washing their car?

9) What books does your brother like to read?

10) Are you cold?

11) Whose is this bag?

12) Are they having dinner now?

13) What do you usually do in the evenings?

14) What does this word mean?

15) Usually he does not have breakfast

16) How old are your children?

17) Where do your parents live?

18) How much does this shirt cost?

19) What are their names?

20) What is she doing now?

21) Does it snow often here?

22) Does he do sports every morning?

23) Is it raining now?

Глава 2

Упражнение 1

Once I was buying a new alarm clock when I saw a thief. I just paid for my watch when I saw an elderly woman, who was slowly putting a silver plate into the bag she was carrying. Then she went to the opposite side of the shop and took an expensive watch. She thought that nobody was looking at her and dropped it in her bag. Before I could tell the police about it, she noticed that I was watching her and hurried to the entrance. Unfortunately for her, two policemen were passing by and she ran right into them.

Упражнение 2

1) I was reading at this time yesterday

2) I read three books yesterday

3) I went to the cinema yesterday

4) I was going to the cinema when I saw my friend

5) She was working with documents all day

6) He was writing a letter all day

7) I finished my work at six

8) What were you doing yesterday in the evening?

9) Where were you yesterday?

10) When I was travelling around Europe, I bought many presents for my family

11) We were bathing in the river when it started to rain

12) They were drinking tea when I came home

13) When I came into the class, they were doing exercises

14) There were going to leave when they remembered that they forgot their tickets

15) When I met Tom, he was going to the shop

16) Where did you spend your last weekend? I was doing shopping

17) The moon was shining and the night was warm and pleasant

18) They seemed nice people and we were talking all night

19) What were you doing when it happened?

20) They invited me and I agreed gladly

21) He lost his keys when he was running in the park

22) She was writing an account when I left for the meeting

23) We were talking when he called

24) I did not hear what he said

25) I was listening to music when I remembered that I had to call her

26) The report was so boring that he was falling asleep while listening to it

Упражнение 3

1) Early in the morning I woke up and looked at the wakening city. The sun was shining and someone was talking in the yard

2) He was looking at the leaving train until it disappeared completely. He started to walk fast to warm up toward the city

3) Did they offer you a job?

4) They were talking about the weather and their plans for the Summer

5) He asked many interesting questions

6) He told his brother what he was doing in his absence

7) I was reading a book when he called

8) From three to five we were studying in the library

9) I was going down the road when I saw her

10) The sun was already setting when came to the village which was only a couple of miles from my native town. The working day was over and all the workers were coming back home. I approached a group of people and asked if I can find a place to stay for the night in the village. One old man agreed to help me. He took me to his house, which was at the end of the street. The fire was already burning in the stove, when we came in, and the hostess was dinner. Two girls were picking something up in the garden. The master offered to have dinner with them. They seemed very nice people and we were talking all night. After dinner we went to the garden. The night was warm, and the moon was shining brightly. We were walking for a long time until we finally went to bed

Упражнение 4

Aunt Polly was hoping that Tom would keep his promise and would not miss his lessons anymore. But the next say he found out that he missed again. «Do you want me to punish you, Tom?» asked aunt Polly angrily.

Aunt Polly decided to punish Tom and sent him to whitewash the fence. Tom was working very slowly at first, but when he noticed that Ben was approaching him, he pretended to enjoy the work. «What are you doing, Tom?» asked Ben. «Don’t you see? I am whitewashing the fence. It is a very interesting job». «Really? Give me the brush for a second. I will let you bite on my apple if you let me». «Sorry, Ben». Ben said that he would give Tom the whole apple if he gave him the brash. Tom agreed reluctantly. And while Ben was whitewashing the fence, Tom was sitting in the shade and eating the apple.

Глава 3

Упражнение 1

1) What’s happened? Why have you stopped?

2) Did you go anywhere last evening?

3) Have you eaten only one piece of cake?

4) Where were you yesterday? You were not at work?

5) We haven’t seen her for a long time

6) I saw her yesterday

7) Grandma and Grandpa have already visited their grandchildren. They went to see them last week

8) Have you ever been to Africa?

9) I went to Africa last year

10) The concert hasn’t started yet

11) The concert started 11 minutes ago

12) Wait for me, I haven’t taken the money

13) I have just had breakfast

14) He has just had lunch

15) He did not have dinner yesterday

16) The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. It stopped raining half an hour ago

17) Mary has bought a new flat

18) I bought these gloves yesterday

19) The weather has improved, we can go for a walk

20) We did not go anywhere yesterday

21) I have been to Europe many times

22) Where did you go last summer?

23) It seems that the waiter has forgotten about us

24) Tom has found a new job

25) Tom left his work last month

26) I haven’t seen your brother for a long time

27) I went to my parents last weekend

28) He has lived in this city since 1980

29) He moved here 33 years ago

30) You look sad. Has anything happened?

31) I was ill yesterday

Упражнение 2

1) Helen speaks Spanish so well because she has lived in Spain

2) She lived there last summer

3) The snow has stopped and the sun is shining

4) I have bought a new car, come look at it

5) He knows so much because he has read many books

6) I saw Julia yesterday

7) I haven’t seen Alex for three years

8) I have just met our teacher

9) I have not been to the gym for a long time

10) Where did you spent your vacation?

11) Have you ever been to France?

12) Tom has just called me

13) She has just returned from her vacation

14) When did you see him for the last time?

15) I haven’t eaten anything today

16) I was at a concert yesterday

17) Look at this table, Joe has made it himself

18) I have already finished my work and can go for a walk

19) Have you ever been to London?

20) He has just come

21) We haven’t solved the problem yet

22) He left the room three minutes ago

23) When did it happen?

24) The clouds have covered the whole sky

25) How many times have you been to Moscow?

26) My watch was not working this morning but it is working now

27) It was cold yesterday

28) I have not seen him since 1990

Упражнение 3

1) How many fish have already caught?

2) Have you already read today’s newspaper?

3) The new hotel opened a week ago

4) The rain has stopped, but a cold wind is still blowing

5) How long have you known Sue?

6) I have seen her a couple of times, but I have never spoken to her

7) Yesterday I finished working late

8) He has just finished working in the garden

9) She came over this morning

10) Have you already booked a table in the restaurant?

11) Yesterday we had a picnic

12) I haven’t bought the tickets for the concert yet

13) I watched an interesting program last evening

14) How many mistakes have you made in your test?

15) I lost my glasses this morning but I have already found them

16) He was ill last week, but he has got over it

17) I haven’t seen you since you moved to the USA. You have changed a lot

18) Last time I went to Paris last year

19) If everyone has seen the film, lets discuss it

20) Sorry, I was busy and couldn’t answer your call. But now I’m free

21) I have watched all the movies by this director

22) I read three interesting books last summer

23) It was very cold last winter

24) There has been almost no rain this week

25) I have always wanted to travel around the world

26) I had a very good time at a party

27) He has lived in this house for 10 years

28) He has worked in this company since 2000

29) Have you seen Bob?

30) I saw him five minutes ago

Глава 4

Упражнение 1

1) Scientist claim that influenza has taken more than 50,000 lives in this country. Only in 1957 more than 6,000 people died. But over the last 20 years we in the center has reached significant progress in studying this virus. We have released more than one hundred books and articles where we have been telling about the results of our researches. In 2012 one of my colleagues was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. On our recent works we have been looking into a possible connection climate change and the recent increase in the number of cases of influenza. It is a tragedy that the government has decided to cut the funding now.

2) The previous government was spending a lot of money on the Center and I think it is terrible that the present government has announced the cut in funding, especially if we take into consideration the cut in funding. The center has been working successfully for several years. And I have to say that this decision is quite typical for this government. It has been ignoring the problems of public health and has been cutting the spending on science in general. Despite the fact the politicians claim the necessity to decrease the spending because of the recent economic crisis, I have found evidence that they have been planning this program for a long time. I have already talked to the minister and am going to write the Prime Minister that this decision must be revised.

Упражнение 2

1) How long have you been waiting for me?

2) I have been writing this report for three hours

3) I have already written three letters

4) How long have you been learning Spanish?

5) Have you found the necessary book?

6) Who have you been talking with for so long?

7) She has been travelling in Europe for three months

8) She has been to London twice

9) She has told us an interesting story

10) The have asked us several questions

11) The interview has just ended. We have been talking for half an hour

12) What have you been doing? I have been reading a newspaper

13) Have you ready heard the weather forecast for tomorrow?

14) I have read this book twice

15) They have been playing tennis for one hour

16) He has been looking for a job for five months

17) Has Mark already left his job?

18) Come in, we have been discussing your question

19) Who has been drinking from my cup?

20) I have been walking in the park with friends, we have just come home

21) I have been watching shows all day

22) I have just had dinner

23) We have always had cats. We love pets

24) They have been working since early morning

25) You look tired. I have been working without stopping.

26) Have you been living here for a long time?

27) Have you already sent the letter?

28) How long have you been speaking on the phone?

29) Who have you been speaking with?

Упражнение 3

1) It has been raining for three hours

2) He has been living in France for five years

3) Who has written it?

4) How long have you been watching the TV?

5) He has just bought a new coat

6) The have been married for 10 years

7) They have known each other since their childhood

8) I have had this car since I was 18

9) I have been learning English for five years

10) She has been working in this company for 20 years

11) She has made great progress in learning Germa

12) I have just got a new job

13) How long have you been going to this gym?

14) It has been raining since morning

15) I haven’t seen him for a long time

16) I have been thinking for a long time about this but I have not come to an univocal decision

17) I have bee looking for my glasses for half an hour

18) I have never trusted him

19) I have been going to this shop for one year

Упражнение 4

Joe has been interested in cinematography since his parents gave him a video camera. He has already made five movies. Over this time he has been working with his friends who has been working as actors, lighters, assistants and so on. Joe has been travelling a lot over the last few months and he has been trying to shoot most interesting places and people he has met.

Eva loves classical music and most of all she likes playing the piano. She has been working on the piano since she was given it for her twentieth birthday. She has already won important competitions and started to give concerts with a local orchestra. They have been to many cities and not going to stop on what they have achieved.

Глава 5

Упражнение 1

1) His father is watching television

2) He is going to bed because he is tired

3) They have been travelling around Asia for five years

4) My cousin is looking for a job but he has not found anything yet

5) She is till typing her article

6) The concert hasn’t started yet, we are sitting in a café and talking

7) It has stopped raining and the sub is shining

8) Mary has been living in this flat for three years

9) Tom and Mary has been building this house for three years

10) My parents are still living in Paris

11) It seems that the waiter has forgotten about us. We have been waiting for half an hour and nobody has taken our order. He is running from one table to another one. Are you hungry? Yes, I haven’t eaten all day.

12) Hello! What are you doing?/what have you been doing? I have been reading today’s newspaper and there is an interesting article about the pollution of the environment

13) It has been raining since I woke up

14) Mary is working long hours this month. She has saved a lot of money

15) Tom has been trying to find a new job since October

16) I have not seen your brother Tom for a long time

17) He has been living in this city since 1980

18) He has been listening to this band since he heard their hit on the radio

19) You look sad. Has anything happened?

20) How long have you been collecting old books?

21) What are you doing now?

Упражнение 2

1) What is funny? Why are you laughing?

2) She has been watching TV for three years

3) How long have you been speaking on the phone?

4) What are the children doing?

5) Who has been drinking from my cup?

6) Why do you have dirty hands? I have been working in the garden

7) I am wearing a jacket

8) You look sad. Yes I have been working all day

9) She is out of breath. She has been running for an hour

10) Where is Tom? He is taking a shower

11) Where have you come from? I have been doing shopping

12) Are you busy now? Yes, I have been writing an article

13) Pat is speaking on the phone now. She always speaks with her friend for a long time

14) She has been reading for three hours

15) Where are you? Am sitting at the dotor’s reception

16) Why are you late? I have been waiting for you for half an hour

17) I have been studying for two hours. It’s time to take a break.

18) What are you doing here?

19) Where have you come from?

20) I’m sorry, you are sitting on my place

21) How long have you been learing English?

22) Have you been going to this gym for a long time?

23) It’s late, it’s time to go home. Are you going with me?

24) You can switch off the radio, I am not listening to it

25) Where is Paul? He is in the kitchen, he is cooking something

26) Are they drinking tea now?

Упражнение 3

1) She has been doing shopping for three hours

2) She is still having dinner

3) You have been watching TV for three hours

4) I am still reading the book you gave me

5) I have been working on this report for three weeks

6) You have been working on the phone for one hour

7) I am looking TV now

8) What have you been doing today?

9) I am still playing tennis with my friend

10) He has been working in this company for 10 years

11) This summer he is working in France

12) Nick is showing the picture to a teacher, which he has drawn

13) My brother is saving money to go travelling around the world

14) My father has been working at university since 2010

15) My mom is cooking lunch now

16) My sister has been sleeping since three o’clock

17) My brother has been cleaning his flat since morning

18) He is still studying German

19) They are still living by the sea

20) They have been already living in London for four months

21) My friend is still doing his homework

22) She is playing in «Monopoly» for two hours

23) They have been playing volleyball for 40 minutes

24) They have been walking in a park for three hours

25) She is still writing a letter to her friend

26) She has been writing an essay for half an hour

27) My daughter is still getting changed

28) She is still working on her new book

29) He is still learning this poem

Упражнение 4

1) He has been writing books since he was 15

2) He is working on a new novel now

3) What are you doing now?

4) What have you been doing all day today?

5) Ira has been helping her mom since morning

6) They are cleaning the kitchen now

7) He has been running for half an hour without stopping

8) I am still looking for my notebook

9) I have been looking for my notebook since morning

10) I have been waiting for a reply from my friend for a month

11) I am writing a letter to my friend now

12) I have been for you here for a long time

13) I am feeding my cat now, can you call me later?

14) We have known each other for 10 years

15) I have been watching you for half an hour

16) He has been studying literature for three weeks, he wants to get a good mark

17) I have wanted to watch this movie for a long time

18) Has your aunt come back from her trip? Yes, she is already working

19) My sister is drinking tea with milk now

20) My brother has been doing sports for 12 years

21) They have been solving this tasks for an hour

Глава 6

Упражнение 1

1) He passed his exam so well yesterday because he had been preparing for several weeks

2) I did not catch her our yesterday because she had already left

3) I met John yesterday. I had not seen him for a long time, he had changed a lot

4) Joe moved into his new flat yesterday. He had been looking for something suitable for several weeks.

5) I came home very tired, I had been working hard all day

6) I was upset when I had to cancel my holiday. I had been looking forward to it

7) By the moment I came there, he had been waiting for half an hour

8) I was tired because I had been playing football

9) When we came, the concert had already started

10) I had been living in America for three years until I moved to London

11) We were tired, we had been travelling all day

12) They had been playing for three hours when it started to rain

13) Harry wa lying on his back and breathing heavily. He had run 7 kilometers. He had been running for half an hour

14) When I woke I tried to remember what I had been dreaming about

15) I had been reading all evening yesterday until I fell asleep

16) When I came in everybody was sitting around the table. They had been having dinner and had just finished

Упражнение 2

1) John had come home by six

2) I had been doing my homework for two hours when he came

3) When he came, his mom had already cooked dinner

4) Mom saw that Nick had not washed his hands before dinner

5) When we came to the office we found out that we had been robbed

6) When he came home we had already finished watching this film

7) Yesterday I found the glassed that I had lost yesterday

8) When we came to the airpot, the registration had already closed

9) On my way to work I realized that I had left some important documents at home

10) I had been reading for three hours when she came home

11) I had been waiting for two hours when I realized that we agreed to meet on another day

12) I had been talking on the phone for two hours when he came

13) We had been walking all day until we got to the destination

14) Yesterday I remembered that I had not congratulated her with her birthday

15) He was living in France for a year until she started to speak French

16) Gaudi did not finish the cathedral on which he had been working last years of his life

17) She had rewritten the essay five times before she gave it to a teacher

Упражнение 3

1) She had been typing the exercises when he came

2) She had typed two articles befire he came

3) I had been waiting for three hours when the flight was delayed

4) When I came to the airport I realized that the flight had been delayed

5) I saw many puddles. Had it been raining?

6) Nancy was talking with her friend for half an hour when electricity went off

7) Nancy told her friend that she had just returned from vacation

8) Clair looked tired because she had run a long distance

9) When I met Clair, she said that she had been running for half an hour

10) Lisa failed her test because she had been preparing poorl for her exam

11) How long had he been working before he quit the job?

12) How long had he been writing the text before he sent it to the publisher?

13) How long had he been learning German before he went to Germany?

14) I had already written the letter when you came home

Упражнение 4

1) When I came, they had already discussed everything

2) When she was going to sleep, she realized that she had not called her friend

3) I had been waiting for her all evening, but she didn’t come

4) When I started to study all other students had already learnt the whole system of tenses

5) He hadn’t been studying English before he came to the US

6) Before he got this job he had been jobless for a long time

7) Nick showed to picture to his teacher which he had painted

8) My brother had been saving money the whole year before he went travelling around the world

9) By the moment I came home, he had been working for five hours

10) Before I came to the park I had finished my job

11) They had been working for two hours when it started to rain

12) When we came to the cinema she sad that she had seen this film

13) Had you had dinner before you came to the theatre?

14) When I saw our daughter, Karen, I realized that she had been crying

15) How long had you been painting the wall before the ladder fell off?

16) We had been waiting for a long time before he finally came

17) We had been driving along the road for half an hour when we saw an accident

18) I wanted to sleep because I had woken up early yesterday

19) When we came to the party, almost everybody had already left

20) The children had been doing their homework for half an hour when their mother called them for dinner

21) When we came to the station, the train had already come

Глава 7

Упражнение 1

1) He had been working for seven hours when Nick came

2) We were playing cards when he came

3) He had been working in the company for three years when it closed

4) Carol had been listening to the radio when electricity went of

5) Ben was washing his car when he saw his neighbor

6) How long had you been waiting to get on a bus yesterday?

7) My sister was feeding her dog when she heard a strange noise

8) Mary wanted to sit because she had been standing all day at work

9) When I came in, Linda was looking for her ring

10) Elis was walking around the lake when she saw a deer

11) She had been teaching at University for several years before she left Asia

12) Fiona and Sam had been walking around the castle when they realized that they got lost

13) Kim and I had been waiting in a park when he came

14) How long had you been learning Turkish before you moved to Ankara?

15) It was getting dark wen the bus came

16) John was tired because he had been running

17) When we went out, we sat that the snowman was melting in the sun

18) She gained some weight last month because she had been eating too much

19) The students were still writing the test when they herd the bell

20) Betty did not pass her last test because she had been studying poorly

21) The students were discussing the USA

22) I had been trying to find tickets to the yesterday’s concert for several weeks

23) When I came, they had been waiting for three hours

Упражнение 2

1) Henry was living in London last year

2) We were all very surprised when she came. We did not expect to see her

3) Annie was working at a restaurant last summer

4) I finally got through to my mom. I had been trying to call her all day

5) John was waiting for Holly

6) It had been raining heavily until the weather improved

7) We had been trying to find a key for 15 minutes when she finally found a key

8) Joe was reading a book lying on a beach

9) What was Betty doing at this time yesterday?

10) It was snowing for a long time when we set out

11) We had wanted to buy a new house for some time, but then decided to stay here

12) Where was he going when you met him?

13) There was a smell of cigarettes, someone was smoking/had been smoking

14) What was he working on at this time yesterday?

15) I had a bad headache yesterday because I had been working at my computer all day

16) How fast were you going when the accident happened? / had you been going?

17) I had been looking for a job for a long time until I got a position at this company

18) She had been taking private lessons for a long time before she tried scuba diving

Упражнение на все изученные настоящие и прошедшие времена

– Hello, everyone! Guess who is sitting next to me? They are Susie and Guy from «Style» band. Welcome to our program!

– Thank you!

– You have been very busy this year, haven’t you? You have your new album released, you have been on a tour. How are you feeling?

– We are tired a little. We have just returned from Holland. In April we went to Japan and Australia, so yes. We have been travelling a lot this year. But we have made a lot of friends and we had a lot of fun.

– Tell me something about what you had been doing before you formed «Style»?

– We had been both playing in different bands before we met.

– Susie, who have you been working with?

– Over the last years I have been working with such musicians as Lionel Riche, Phil Collins and a band called «Ace».

– How about you, Guy?

– I have recorded with Genesis, UB40, and, of course, Happy Mondays

– Why are Happy Mondays so important for you?

– Because my first hit came out when I was working with them. This song was called Mean Streets and it became a hit all over the world. It was in 1995.

– And how long have you been working together as «Style»?

– Since 1997. We met in a studio, when I was working with Bon Jovi. We spoke and Guy asked me if I wanted to work with him.

– Where have you been over this time?

– Sometimes it seems like we have travelled the whole world. We have been on a tour in Europe, Italy, Holland, we have been to Japan and Australia, but we have never been to America.

– You forgot about Sweden. We went there two years ago.

– Right!

– How many albums have you released over this time?

– I do not know, maybe 25?

– And how long have you been in musical business? I have always been a musician, since I was 16.

– I have been doing many different things. After I finished college I was working as a waitress, seller, gardener… I can go on and on.

– Ok, stop here, because now you a member of a band!

Глава 8

Упражнение 1

1) I can speak five languages

2) I was able to persuade him to go with us

3) I haven’t been able to focus on my job recently

4) I will be able to help you tomorrow

5) It’s good that you have been able to come on time

6) You will not be able to persuade her that you are right

7) I have been able to leave work earlier recently

8) I have been able to read more this month

9) We all were able to finish our work on time

10) He was not able to come to yesterday’s meeting

11) I havent been able to meet him recently

12) I was able to swim well when I was a child

13) At the end of this course I will be able to speak English fluently

14) He was able to persuade her to move to Italy

15) They won’t be able to help you

16) I haven’t been able to find my glasses recently

17) He was able to explain all the rules clearly

18) I wasn’t able to get through to her

19) Thank you for your invitation, but I wont be able to come to your weeding

20) I will be able to explain my point of view

Упражнение 2

1) I have never been able to understand him

2) I will be able to come to you tomorrow

3) I haven’t been able to sleep well recently

4) Despite the traffic jams, I was able to get to work on time

5) I could sing well when I was little

6) I wasn’t able to explain the essense of the problem to her

7) Of course I will be able to come to your birthday

8) I will be able to bring this docuents tomorrow

9) I haven’t been able to find anything good to read recently

10) I haven’t been able to focus on my work recently

11) He was able to persuade me to go with them

12) I wasn’t able/I couldn’t to start my car for a long time

13) Finally, I was able to start my car

14) I will be able to finish this work without your help

15) He hasn’t been able to work well recently

16) How long hav eyou been able to play the piano so well?

17) She will not be able to get to the station on time

18) I was sure you were able to translate it yesterday

19) He wasn’t able to prove that he was innocent

20) She is studying well and will be able to go to a good unviersity

21) He girlfriend came to visit her, so she hasn’t been able to study well recently

22) Will you be able to give me a li to the airport?

23) He won’t be able to help you with this problem

Упражнение 3

1) He was able to read when he was three years old

2) He was able to finish this task faster than everyone else

3) He could play the trumpet and the guitar

4) She was able to go to a good University last year

5) She was able to write an essay better than anyone else

6) I could have gone to Harvard but I chose Oxford instead

7) He could swim faster than anyone else in my class

8) She could have moved to another country, but she didn’t do this

9) They could have bought a house here, but they didn’t do this

10) He was able to persuade him to stay

11) You could have called me to warn about this

12) She wasn’t able to find a suitable size in the shop

13) They could have helped me, instead of just sitting here

14) They didn’t have a map, but they managed to find the way anyway

15) I could have met you at the station

16) You could have broken your neck, jumping from such height

17) I could have passed the exam better

18) I could have made more working as an accountant, but it’s to boring for me

19) He lost his key, but he was still able to get in

20) He could have become the Prime Minister if it wasn’t for the financial scandal

Упражнение 4

1) He can’t be busy now

2) He can’t have come to the meeting yesterday

3) She can’t be at home now, she doesn’t answer the phone

4) She can’t have been at school yesterday, she was ill

5) It can’t be mister Johns!

6) We can’t be late!

7) They can’t have cancelled the concert yesterday

8) They can’t have agreed on everything without me

9) She can’t have really agreed to it

10) He can’t have finished everything yesterday

11) This building can’t be closed

12) They can’t have been late for their plane yesterday

13) They can’t have come on time yesterday

14) It can’t be the truth

Глава 9

Упражнение 1

1) When I was a child, I could run faster than anybody

2) She wasn’t able to explain her point of view

3) I haven’t been able to slept well recently

4) She can’t be in the office now, she doesn’t answer the phone

5) She can’t have been in the office yesterday, she was ill

6) When I broke my leg, I couldn’t walk well

7) She can’t have liked yesterday’s concert

8) He can’t be busy now

9) They can’t have worked abroad last year

10) The movie theatre can’t be open now

11) She can’t like this meal

12) I wasn’t able to come to their party

13) I wasn’t able to watch this film till the end

14) He wasn’t able to pass his exam from the first attempt / from the first time

15) He can’t have pass his exam, he isn’t preparing

16) You can’t have seen yesterday, she wasn’t in the city

17) I haven’t been able to find time to finish this work over the last several days

18) I haven’t been able to come to the lesson recently because of my illness

19) I haven’t been able to find my watch all day

20) Because of my illness I haven’t been able to eat anything greasy this week

21) I haven’t been able to go on the internet because my internet went off

22) My dog has lost its appetite and hasn’t been able to eat for the last several days

23) He can’t have been hungry yesterday

24) He can’t have been at that meeting, he was on a business trip

Упражнение 2

1) He can’t be busy now

2) He can’t play the piano

3) He can’t have come to the meeting yesterday

4) I haven’t been able to go to the gym recently because of my illness

5) We can’t go to this part of the building

6) She won’t be able to help you

7) He broke his leg and wasn’t able to walk for a long time

8) She can’t be at home, she doesn’t answer the phone

9) We haven’t been able to keep the sales up to a usual level this month

10) He wasn’t able to explain what was the essence of the problem

11) They can’t have been invited to the party yesterday

12) We haven’t been able to contact them for a long time

13) We forgot the key so we weren’t able to enter the building

14) She can’t have been at school yesterday, I would have meet her

15) It can’t be mister Johns

16) He won’t be able to fix this computer

17) She couldn’t sing well and she wasn’t admitted to the choir

18) We can’t be late

19) I haven’t been able to finish my report recently

20) The concert can’t have been cancelled yesterday

21) He can’t have come to the meeting yesterday

22) I haven’t been able to focus on my studies this semester

23) They can’t have agreed on everything without me

24) He wasn’t able to pass his exam

25) She can’t have really agreed to that

26) He can’t have finished everything yesterday

27) I haven’t been able to get my things out of the laundry this week

28) He wasn’t able to persuade them that he was right

29) This building can’t be closed

30) They can’t have been late for their plane yesterday

31) They can’t have come on time yesterday

32) I haven’t been able to find the necessary type of tea recently

33) She couldn’t swim before she was five

34) He won’t be able to come to this meeting tomorrow

35) It can’t be the truth

Глава 10

Упражнение 1

1) I must finish all my things to do by the evening/ have to?

2) I had to meet my sister at the airport yesterday

3) He must be in the office now

4) He must have been ill and didn’t come

5) She must be at home, there is a light

6) She had to finish everything yesterday

7) She must have not known about this meeting yesterday

8) They must be at work now

9) This plane must have been delayed yesterday

10) I had to wake up early last weekend

11) I have to tell my colleagues about this/I must tell my colleagues about this?

12) You must watch this film/ you have to watch this film?

13) It must be our new director

14) He must have been appointed yesterday

15) He must be studying now

16) I have to read these books / I must?

17) I had to answer all the questions

18) They must have prepared for the test well

19) She must have forgotten about this

20) You have to call me/ you must call me

21) I had to solve this issue

Упражнение 2

1) They must be working abroad

2) They can’t be working abroad

3) They must have worked abroad

4) They might have worked abroad

5) They can’t have worked abroad

6) They must be at work

7) He must have been at work

8) He might have been at work

9) He might be at work

10) He can’t be at work

11) It could have been worse

12) May I come in?

13) Children may take books at the library

14) I might have left this umbrella on a bus

15) He might be writing an article now

16) He was upset yesterday, he might have got a bad mark

17) They must have sold this problem yesterday

18) We had to cancel our meeting yesterday

19) He must be reading now

20) John can’t have woken up at sic o’clock this morning

21) It can’t be Kate/ it can’t have been Kate (если в прошлом)

22) He can’t have done this task yesterday

23) They can’t be playing in the yard now, it’s late

Глава 11

Упражнение 1

1) You should have done this before

2) She might not have been at home, she would have answered the phone

3) You should have bought a fire alarm, the fire would not have started then

4) You should have warned me about this in advance

5) They might have discussed this yesterday

6) You should have called me yesterday

7) You should have gone by bike, you wouldn’t have got stuck in a traffic jam

8) I wouldn’t have been able to so this without your help

9) Our neighbors might have gone away, I didn’t hear from them for a long time

10) I might have left my phone in a café

11) They might not have known about the meeting yesterday

12) You should have dressed up warmer, you would not have caught a cold

13) She might have done this job yesterday

Глава 12

Упражнение 1

1) You can’t come into this room

2) You don’t have to come to this conference

3) You can’t leave the table until you finish eating

4) You don’t have to do this today

5) You can’t just leave like that

6) I didn’t have to wake up early yesterday

7) You can’t act like that

8) I wasn’t allowed to read this letter / I can’t have read this letter

9) You weren’t allowed to park here

10) I can’t be late for this meeting

11) You can’t eat it, you are allergic

12) You shouldn’t have done this

13) I cant’ walk without a hat

14) You didn’t have to shout like that

15) You can’t enter this room

16) I cant forget about this

17) You can’t tell anybody about this

18) You weren’t allowed to miss yesterday’s lecture

19) I can’t be late for this meeting

20) I didn’t have to buy bread yesterday, we have enough bread

21) You can’t refuse this offer

22) You can’t speak on your mobile here

23) It was raining yesterday, and I didn’t have to water the flowers

Глава 13

Упражнение 1

1) You should call Petrov one more time. If you had gone through to him, he would have come one hour earlier and we would not have waited

2) Could you swim when you were 10?

3) Your friend should have gone to the doctor. If he had gone through the treatment course, he would be healthy already

4) We weren’t able to come to the meeting on time because our train was delayed

5) He might have tried to prove her that he was right, but he wasn’t able to

6) My grandmother could speak five languages

7) She is only three, but she can read already

8) The delegation can come any minute

9) We have a lot of work to do tomorrow. You can’t be late

10) Your sun must be studying for five hours in a row. You should make him go for a walk. He might have a headache if he keeps working without rest

11) The museum is free. You do not have to pay to get in

12) If he had been told, he would have been here already and contacted you

13) He mihgt have not known about the meeting. He would have come

14) You should not have raised this question at the meeting

15) You should work more on your pronounciation.

16) We mustn’t forget to close all the windows before we go out

17) We can’t miss this train, otherwise we will be late

18) She might have been at this concert, but I didn’t see her

19) I should not have eaten so many sweets at that party

20) He shouldn’t be home at this time. He must be at work

21) You shouldn’t have told her about this. It would have been better to keep quiet.

22) He must not have time to read this book or he couldn’t find it

23) He wanted to warn you that you might wait for a couple of days before he will be able to see you. You should think carefully about what you are going to talk about

24) I’m sorry, I should not have got angry and shouted like that

25) You have to meet all the colleagues. It is important to make a good first impression

26) Professor felt sorry that he didn’t asked who had recommended him. It might have been someone from his colleagues

27) She had to come half an hour ago. She can’t have forgotten about this concert, it’s not like her at all

28) Our vacation could not have been better

29) He could read when he was five

30) He was able to do this task faster than everyone else

31) He could play the horn and the guitar

32) She was able to write an essay better than everyone else

33) I could have gone to Oxford, but I chose Harvard

34) He could swim faster than everybody else in his class

35) She could have moved to another country, but she did not do this

36) They could have bought a house here, but they did not do that

37) He was able to persuade him to stay

38) You could have called me to make me stay

39) She wasn’t able to find the right size in the shop

40) They could have helped me instead of just sit here

41) I would not have been able to manage without you

42) They didn’t have the map, but they managed to find the way anyway

43) She could have got on the train that came earlier

44) He can’t have seen you

45) It was so dark that he couldn’t see anything

46) You could have broken your neck, jumping from such height

47) I could make more money as an accountant, but its too boring for me

48) I must wake up earlier in the morning

49) I had to speak with her yesterday

50) She must have been ill and, therefore, didn’t come to the meeting

51) I will have to come to this meeting tomorrow

52) She must have not finished the report yesterday

53) I have to explain everything to the new colleagues

54) I will have to pick up my sister from the kinder garden

55) Somebody called you an hour ago. It must have been Mary

56) You must watch this film, you will like it

57) This book must be very interesting, I had heard a lot about it

58) They must be playing tennis now

59) He must have not heard your call and, therefore, didn’t answer

60) I will have to leave the meeting earlier

61) This restaurant must be good, there are always many people here

62) All the workers have to follow the safety regulations

63) The fire must have been caused by the electrical fault

64) You must be mister Johnson?

65) This must be the task we need

66) The exam must have been very hard, not many passed it

67) All students will have to pass the examination at the end of the course

68) I will have to write the report by Friday

69) He can’t be at work

70) Everything could have been much worse

71) May I come in?

Глава 14

Упражнение 1

1) If you do more sports, you will feel better

2) If you add more salt, the soup will be tastier

3) If I had enough money, I would go on vacation

4) If you buy groceries, we will be able to have dinner at home

5) If I had time, I would call her

6) If she was here, she would explain everything to us

7) If you get cold, we will turn the heater on

8) If I knew the answer to this question, I would tell you

9) If I had time, I would help you

10) If you want, we will go for a walk

11) If I was in your place, I wouldn’t buy this bag

12) If he doesn’t get better yesterday, we will have to call a doctor

13) If I had more free time, I would read more

14) If you are in London, you can stay with us

15) If I liked exhibitions, we would of course visit this museum

16) If you go by train, you will come faster

17) If you did more sports, you wouldn’t be ill so often

18) If you don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam, you whould leave now

19) If we had their address, we would come over

20) If I asked you, would you do something for me?

21) If you are healthy food, you would feel better

22) If you gor for a swim, I will go with you

23) If you buy this computer, you will get a good warranty

24) If you don’t tell him about this, I will do it

25) I would call her, if I had her number

26) If you start to read more, you will know more

27) I don’t now what I would do if something like that happened to me

Упражнение 2

1) If you had visited us yesterday, we would have had a great time

2) If you lived nearby, we would see each other more often

3) If I am in this neighborhood, I will come to you

4) If you get ready quickly, we will go out on time

5) If we hadn’t got stuck in a traffic jam, we wouldn’t have been late for the meeting yesterday

6) If I had had a metro map, we would have found the way faster

7) IF had planned everything in advance, we would have had a better vacation

8) If I wanted to go on vacation, I would do it

9) If I hadn’t been busy yesterday, I would have come to you

10) If I have time, I will definitely come to you

11) If you go to London, you will be able to visit the famous Tate gallery

12) If I find your bag, I will, of course, tell you

13) If I had had money yesterday on me, I would have bought that coat

14) If they offer me this job, I will take it

15) If you hadn’t been nervous during the interview, you would have got the job

16) I would have warned you about this yesterday if I had known

17) Will you come to the party, if I invite you?

18) If you had done this job yesterday, we wouldn’t have problems now

19) Im sure, that if you explain the situation to her, she will undertand

20) If the weather had been good yesterday, we would have spent more time outside

21) If you go out without an umbrella, you will get wet

22) If I knew how to play chess, I would play with you

23) If I wasn’t allergic, I would get a cat

24) If I had trained more, I would not have lost the yesterday’s race

25) I would go for a walk with you, If I wasn’t sick

26) I wouldn’t hurry with this decision if I was/were in your place

27) Even if they had invited me to the yesterday’s party, I wouldn’t have come

28) If I hadn’t taken the pills, I wouldn’t have got better so fast

Глава 15

Упражнение 1

1) He used to be fat, but he has lost weight

2) He isn’t used to working in such conditions

3) How did you get used to working in such a mess?

4) Did you use to write poetry in your youth?

5) I need time to get used to living in this city

6) Sting used to work as a teacher before he became a famous singer

7) I am not used to doing the washing by hands

8) She will have to used to living in the extreme Siberian cold

9) My mother didn’t use to drink coffee

10) There used to be many trees in this garden, they have all been cut

11) We were not used to using this operational system. We have got used to it only recently

12) Did you use to work together?

13) There used to be a restaurant before

14) I will have to get used to working far away from home

15) I got used to waking up early when I got a new job

16) I am used to going to bed early

17) He is used to drinking a glass of whiskey before bed. He got used to it when he was working in Scotland

18) They will soon get used to living in this area

19) They haven’t got used to the new payment system

20) My grandmother cant get used to using a mobile phone

21) He has got a promotion and always busy now. He isn’t used to having so little free time. He will have to get used to it quickly

22) I had to get used to working late at the new job

23) I have moved to Mexico recently and am trying to get used to hot cuisine

24) Computers used to be very expensive

25) Engilsh has become an international language. Business people will have to get used to speaking it at the business meetings

26) Maria thought that she would never get used to living in New York. She got used to the hectic lifestyle soon enough, but she is still not quite used to the fact that the subway works so badly

27) I used to have eggs for breakfast. I was used to it. Now I am used to having cereal/porridge

28) My brother is used to working in a big company

Упражнение 2

1) I used to run every Saturday

2) I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day

3) There used to be a cinema here

4) She used to have long hair

5) She didn’t use to go to trainings

6) Did you use to wake up early every morning?

7) She used to go to the sea every autumn

8) I used to live in a small village

9) I didn’t use to read a lot, but now I do it often

10) She use to drink a lot of coffee

11) Did you use to read a newspaper every morning?

12) I didn’t use to go to parties

13) I use to drive to work, I walk now

14) She is used to running for an hour. She got used to it when she was living in the USA

15) He use to study English. But he didn’t get use to doing homework regularly

16) German used to seem very difficult to me but I have got used to it now

17) I am getting used to driving at night

18) He hasn’t got used to this weather

19) I used to work in a bank, but then I left my job and became a gardener

20) I used to read a lot

21) I used to dislike this city, but then I got used to it

22) I used to often come to England I used to always stay in this hotel

23) I am used to drinking so much coffee

24) Ben used to travel a lot for his work

25) I am used to driving to work by car

26) At first I didn’t understand their accent, but then I got used to it

27) She started to work at nights and she is getting used to sleeping during the day

28) Did you use to do sports regularly?

29) She doesn’t like this small town, but he will get used to it

Упражнение 3

1) I am used to living in the north of Canada, despite the cold weather

2) I am used to driving long distances

3) I used to run almost every morning

4) We used to go camping every spring

5) I was used to living alone, but now I am enjoying family life

6) We used to wake up early and go fishing

7) My father used to always read me stories before bed

8) I am used to drinking coffee in the morning

9) Tom is used to this noise

10) Lisa is used to working a lot

11) Anna used to go to ballet lessons when she was little

12) She wasn’t able to get used to walking on high-heels for a long time

13) She had to get used to working late

14) She is used to constant business trips

15) We aren’t used to listening to such music

16) She will soon get used to working here

17) When we came to Japan we couldn’t get used to sleeping on the floor

18) It was difficult for them to get used to eating such hot food

19) They soon got used to their new boss

20) I have got used to his strange behavior

21) I had to get used to eating with chop sticks

22) I didn’t use to smoke

23) We used to pay chess on Fridays

24) Before I bought my car, I used to go everywhere by bike

25) They are used to using the new computer

26) I soon got used to the strange smell at the factory

27) I will never get used to the heat of India

28) I used to always visit my parents at the weekends

29) You will soon get used to cooking for a big family

Упражнение 4

1) I soon got used to going to bed early

2) They had to get used to the new working schedule

3) You will have to get used to living on such a noisy street

4) There used to be a shopping center

5) I am getting used to working on Saturdays, but it isn’t going well yet

6) I am used to sleeping for 6 hours, it’s enough for me

7) My friend is used to his old car

8) I haven’t got used to drinking tea with milk

9) I am a postman, I am used to walking long distances

10) When you become a mother, you will have to get used to not having much free time

11) I used to smoke, but I gave it up when I move to the USA

12) When I came to Australia, I was getting used to for a whole week to the time difference

13) I used to eat a lot of chocolate, but I got used to doing without it

14) They used to always go on vacation by the sea

15) There used to be a bridge

16) It was difficult for me to get used to dark evening in winter

17) It’s difficult to get used to doing sports every day

18) I was getting used to speaking Norwegian fluently for a long time

19) I got used to my new diet

20) He isn’t used to working in such conditions

21) Have you got used to your new colleagues?

22) My mother didn’t use to drink a lot of coffee

23) Have you already got used to such a cold winter?

24) I am used to the shops closing so early

Глава 16

Упражнение 1

1) Working at this text, I made many corrections

2) Having made all the corrections, I checked the document once again

3) Giving a speech, he made a lot of digressions

4) Having given his speech, he thanked everybody for their support

5) The person giving a speech is a Prime Minister

6) He fell running in the garden

7) Having come home, I called my friend

8) Going home, I was thinking about work

9) She put the book away and look at the children, running in the garden

10) Having translated the article, I lay down to rest

11) Having bought all the groceries, I went home

12) The person, going down the street, suddenly stopped

13) The students, listening to the lecture, were writing everything down

14) We woke up before dawn and were able to see the rays of rising sun

15) The room overlooking the garden is more comfortable than the others

16) He was standing, looking at the people, gathering at the square

17) You should be careful crossing the street

18) Having crossed the road, we ran

19) The boy crossing the street looked to the left and to the right

Упражнение 2

1) The shirt, bought one year ago, is too small for me

2) The dog, tied to the tree, wasn’t able to run away

3) He fell running across the field

4) Going home from work, I kept thinking about the upcoming meeting

5) The reported made by him had to be rewritten

6) He came out to the street and was looking to the cars passing by

7) She looked out of the window and looked at the playing kids

8) The redone room looked great

9) Having said goodbye, he left

10) They were drinking tea, talking about the last vacation

11) Having handed out the task, the teacher said to start doing it

12) Working on their essays, the students were trying not make any mistakes

13) Having finished the conversation, they went home

14) He used to run listening to music

15) Having discussed all the problems, they decided to have a snack

16) Working on this text, I was making a lot of corrections

Упражнение 3

1) Having made all the preparations, the army started the attack

2) The information given to us was very useful

3) Having seen that the weather has changed, we decided to stay where we were

4) The books written by him reflect the life of English society in the 19 century

5) He was standing looking from the bridge into the water

6) All the done tasks were on the table

7) Having raised his hand, the spoke person addressed the audience

8) He was sitting looking at the newspaper

9) The cooked cake looked wonderful

10) Having finished with the packaging, the girls went to the station

11) The pictures written by him are now sold at a very high price

12) Having been late for half an hour, they decided not to go to the lecture

13) Having decided not to go anywhere, everybody decided to stay home

14) We put all the bought books on the shelves

15) Going camping, we always take a first aid kit with us

16) Having passed all the exams, they went to the country

17) When travelling, we always visit many museums

18) Having rad the rules, we started the game

Упражнение 4

1) Having done all the tasks, the students handed in the work

2) Having done all the errands, he came back to the office

3) Giving the speech, he made many references to the articles

4) Having drunk the tea, they set off

5) Having bought everything they needed, they came back home

6) Doing the work, the were making many breaks for coffee

7) Having explained the task to us, the teacher told us to start doing it

8) Reading the book, she was making notes

9) Having been tired after a long working day, they decided to have a rest

10) Cleaning the house, she was listening to music

11) Having invited all the acquaintances, she went on to do other preparations

12) Having read the account, he went to the meeting

13) Looking from the window, he was thinking about his future plans

14) Having seen this picture, he decided that he wanted to be a painter too

15) Having finished the performance, the artists came for the bow

16) Preparing the dinner, she was speaking on the phone

17) Having noticed her in the distance, he decided to call her

18) Having seen all the sights, we went to the museum

19) Listening to the lecture, the student were making notes

20) Having had a snack, we went on with our trip

21) He was nervous answering the questions

22) Having checked-in, we went to the duty-free

23) Walking down the main road, they were going to different shops

24) Having washed himself up, he went to get dressed

25) Translating the text, he was often looking some words up in the dictionary

26) Having come back home, she switched on the TV

27) Listening to music, she forgot about everything

28) They were enjoying the summer day, resting on the beach

Глава 17

Упражнение 1

1) I read a book and listened to music

2) I need money, I want to buy food

3) We met some interesting people at the party

4) I met an interesting person at the party

5) She had an apple and some bread for breakfast

6) We live in a big house. There is a beautiful garden with nice trees

7) I am going to buy a table and chairs

8) I need a pen and paper

9) I have a car

10) Can I ask you a question?

11) Is there a hotel nearby?

12) Do you have children

13) Paris is an interesting city

14) Lisa is a student

15) Jane is an interesting person

Упражнение 2

1) What is the name of this street?

2) I am looking for a job?

3) Who is the best player in your team?

4) Kate is wearing a new dress today

5) Can you tell me what time is it now?

6) This is an interesting book

7) My office is on the first floor

8) He is an engineer

9) Kate’s husband is a doctor

10) Do you live in the city center

11) He is such an honest child?

12) Excuse me, were is the nearest bank?

13) There is a mistake in the sentence

14) The sky is blue and the sun is shining

15) We were in an excellent restaurant yesterday

16) My brother is in the army

17) You need rest!

18) Write your name at the top of the page

19) I have a daughter

20) There is a table in the center of the room

21) Paula is learning how to play the piano

Упражнение 3

1) Where is the bus station? The bas station is next to the gas station

2) Tv antenna is on the roof

3) There is a post box between the building and the bus stop

4) The dog is lying in front of the fire place

5) Do you speak English at work?

6) She had a bad day today

7) I have a color TV set. The TV is on the small table in the corner of the room

8) There is a pen, a book and paper on my table

9) My brother is a teacher. He works at school

10) There is a guitar on the chair next the piano

11) There was a piano in the corner of the room. He was sitting for hours at the piano, playing his favorite pieces of classical music. He was a wonderful pianist

12) Who will he do in the future?

13) The weather was very bad yesterday in the morning. The sky was grey and it was raining. But in the middle of the day the weather started to change. It stopped raining and the sun came out of the clouds. It was very warm after lunch. I didn’t want to stay at home and went for a walk in the garden. There were many girls and boys in the garden and we were playing all evening. I came home, drank tea, had a sandwich and went to bed. I was sleeping very well at night

14) I get up at half past seven in the morning and go to bed at a quarter to eleven in the evening

15) There are three rooms and the kitchen in our new flat

16) If you want to write something on the board, you will need a piece of chalk

17) May is the fifth month in a year

18) Saturday is the sixth day in a week

19) What day is it today? IT is the 9th of May

20) The third lesson today is English

21) After school I usually go home

22) I usually come home at a quarter to five

23) My friends live in a small town. This is a new town. All the streets are wide and straight. There are beautiful buildings and many trees, so the air here is very clear. There are many beautiful parks and gardens. People like to go there in the evenings. There are schools, libraries, supermarkets, a hospital, a theatre, movie theatres, etc.

24) I get up early in the morning, go to the bathroom, get the water running and wash myself up

25) I have lunch after the third lesson

26) There is a new school at the corner of the street

27) My colleague told me that there will be a big meeting on the 10th of February

Упражнение 4

1) Slow down! You can’t drive at 50 miles an hour!

2) Life is full of surprises

3) The Philippines are situated in south-east Asia

4) I don’t know much about literature and art

5) He told us a lot about France and the French

6) Who will give a speech at the next meeting?

7) Professor Newman gives lectures on chemistry

8) I need advice and he is the only person who can help me

9) The day was hot

10) She was working in a hospital and took care of the sick

11) This is good music. I like such music.

12) The dog is a friend of man

13) Aunt Ann appeared by the noon

14) The expected a cold winter

15) After dinner, the family gathered in the garden

16) I am looking forward to my vacation on the coast of the Atlantic ocean

17) It is a question of big importance1

18) I need good advice

19) The USA has an area of 3,5 million squared miles

20) President Roosevelt was the only one to serve three terms

21) Are the Tailors coming for lunch?

22) Look at the sky! The moon is full.

23) Can you think of a better way to get to the city?

24) She chose a vase of stone

25) They have a nice country house with a beautiful garden

26) Come in to the house through the back door

27) Little Billy often wakes up at night

28) The climate of Crimea is mild

29) Plastic can’t resist fire

30) What sunny weather we have today!

31) Where are they staying? At the President Hotel

32) The Wests bought the villa on the Hawaii

33) Can you as for a Coke and a sandwich?

34) The Netherlands border on Germany and Belgium

35) She studies science and I am interested in history

36) Have you already been to the Pushkin museum and the Bolshoi Theatre?

37) Friday night is the best time for me!

38) They had to spend the night at the airport

39) Central Park in New York has an area of 85 acres

40) I don’t want brandy. I want plain water

41) I get «The Daily Express» and «The Financial Times»

42) Kilimandjaro is a mountain the top of which is always covered with snow

43) The title of the book seems interesting to me

44) Even though the air was warm, the water was cold

45) The sleeves of this shirt are short

46) He has big experience and deep knowledge

47) Did you understand the end of the story?

48) Add sugar to the pie

49) Sand and salt are often used to melt ice

Упражнение 5

1) Moscow is situated on the Moscow river

2) The Moscow is a river that flows very slowly. There is a channel that is called «the Moscow-Volga», which connects the Volga with the Moscow and flows into the Moscow river.

3) A few rivers flow out of New York to the ocean. The main river is the Hudson, which flows into the Atlantic ocean. Except the Hudson, there are also two other rivers: the East River and the Harlem river.

4) There are many rivers in Siberia: The Ob, the Irtish, the Lena.

5) The Altay mountains are higher than the Urals.

6) My friends travel a lot. This year they are going to the Canary islands.

7) There is beautiful scenery on lake Geneva out of this hotel

8) Which river flows through London? The Thames.

9) Which country is Washington the capital of? The USA

10) The United Kingdom consists of a few countries including England and Northern Ireland

11) Chicago is on lake Michigan

12) Michigan is a very beautiful lake

Упражнение 6

1) There is a mail box between the building and the bus stop

2) The dog is lying in front of the fire place

3) Do you speak English at work?

4) She has had a bad day today

5) I have a color TV. The TV is on a small table in the corner of the room

6) There is a pen, a book and paper on my desk

7) My brother is a teacher. He works at school.

8) There is a guitar on the chair next to the piano

9) There was a piano in the corner of the living room. He was sitting at the piano for hours, playing his favourite pieces of classical music. He was a great piano player.

10) Who is he going to be in the future?

11) The weather was very bad yesterday morning. The sky was grey, it was raining. But in the middle of the day the weather started to change. It stopped raining and the sun came out of the clouds. It was very warm after lunch. I didn’t want to stay at home and decided to play in the garden. There were many boys and girls in the garden, and we were playing all evening. I came home, drank some tea, ate a sandwich, and went to bed. I was sleeping very well during the night.

12) I get up at half past seven in the morning and get to bed and a quarter to eleven in the evening.

13) There are three rooms and a kitchen in our new apartment.

14) If you want to write something on the board you will need a piece of chalk.

15) May is the fifth month in a year.

16) Saturday is the sixth day in a week

17) What day is it today? Today is the ninth of May

18) The third lesson today is English.

19) After school I usually go home

20) I usually get home at a quarter to five (at four forty five)

21) My friends live in a small town. It is a new town. The streets are wide in straight in it. There beautiful buildings and many trees, this is why the air is very clean. There are a lot of beautiful parks and gardens. People like to go there in the evenings. Sometimes you can hear the sounds of music from the parks. There are libraries, supermarkets, a hospital, a theatre and movie theatres

22) I get up very early, go to the bathroom, switch on the water and wash myself

23) I have lunch after the third lesson

24) There is a new school at the corner of the street

25) My colleague told me that there is going to be a big meeting on the 10th of February

Exercise 7

1) He is the only person I know here

2) What did you discuss at the last meeting?

3) She is such a nice person!

4) All students must learn the following rules

5) I looked through the books on the upper shelf, but I didn’t find the necessary one

6) Go straight and turn left

7) I didn’t understand the main idea of the story

8) It is the same question you asked me last time

9) We will talk about it next time

10) They are such clever students!

11) I didn’t understand the last word

12) You are the very person I need to talk with

13) What is it on the floor?

14) Look out of the window

15) I see a post office, let’s go buy some envelopes

16) I am going to the post office, I need stamps

17) The end of the film is interesting

18) He is going to the army next year

19) The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

20) What do you call it in English? A ceiling!

21) There is a fly on the ceiling.

22) Look at the sky. The moon is full today.

23) The kitchen in my flat is too small. I need a flat with a larger kitchen.

24) It’s a lie and I want to know the truth!

25) I would like to go the west and to the east, I would like to travel the world

26) How can I get to the station? You should turn left.

27) He is such an honest child. He always tells the truth

28) He will show me the centre of the city next week.

29) There is a comfortable chair in the corner of the room

30) My table is by the wall to the left of the window

31) Let’s put the table in the centre of the kitchen

32) Look for your documents on the lower shelf and next time don’t forget where you put your things

Глава 18

Упражнение 1

1) The room is cleaned every day

2) The room was cleaned yesterday

3) Newspapers are read by the English every morning

4) The newspaper was read yesterday

5) A big number of clients are served in this restaurant every day

6) 100 clients were served here yesterday

7) These bushes are cut every spring

8) This bush was cut yesterday

9) These streets are cleaned every day

10) This street wasn’t cleaned yesterday

11) These flowers are planted here every year

12) These flowers weren’t planted last year

13) Home tasks are handed in by the students everyday

14) One task wasn’t handed in at the last lesson

15) These accounts are checked by specialists every day

16) Many accounts were checked yesterday

17) Most part of the profit is spent on the company’s development

18) Much money was spent on development last year

19) Many American shows are shown on TV

20) A good film was shown yesterday

21) These toys are made by hand

22) This toy was made by hand

23) All complaints are considered during one week

24) My complaint was not considered

Упражнение 2

1) This room was being cleaned all day yesterday

2) This house is being build now

3) Our conversation was being recorded

4) The dinner is being made now

5) This computer was being used all day yesterday

6) This article is being translated

7) The car was being repaired all morning

8) This church is being reconstructed now

9) He was being told one long story yesterday

10) He is being taken to school now

11) This book was being written during many years

12) These discs are being recorded now

13) This meeting was being held by the director of the company

14) The president of the company is being elected now

15) The hospital was being built for half a year

16) Important rules are being explained now

17) This house was being repaired for two months

18) This letter was written by hand

19) These goods are being sold with a discount now

Упражнение 3

1) These books are read

2) Who are these letters written by?

3) The letter has just been written

4) She showed me the picture which had been painted by her father

5) He was told about everything

6) This door cant be left open

7) The girl wasn’t allowed to go to the concert

8) She said that the new schedule was not hanged on the wall

9) The chicken cooked by her was eaten with pleasure

10) It was so dark that the house couldn’t be seen

11) The light wasn’t switched off

12) By three o’clock everything had been repaired

13) Her dress was washed and ironed

14) This house was built last year

15) The letter has just been sent

16) When will these books be returned to the library?

17) The invitations were sent to all the relatives

18) All the passengers were listening to the story about a boy rescued by the driver

19) The child is being taken care of

20) Which article was translated by his brother

21) Her name was mentioned in his novels

22) They were taught how to draw all lesson

23) I am often told about this

24) When was it done

25) This summit has never been climbed

26) She said that these newspapers have to be taken away from the table

27) Nick was told to go home right away

Упражнение 4

Slowly but surely the coastline of Britain is being worn away by an advancing sea. The country which once ’ruled the waves’ now is being ruled by them, with huge forces threatening to destroy vast areas of human and wildlife habitat. Already some of Britain’s last wild, natural areas have disappeared, and experts fear that this is just the beginning. It is estimatedthat there will be a 38—55 cm rise in average sea levels by the year 2100. According to the Department of the Environment, during the next 50 years at least 10,000 hectares of farmland will be turned into mud flats and salt marshes by the increases in sea levels. Rather than trying to prevent the erosion, the present government is using a method of ’managed retreat’ by creating new defences further inland and allowing low-lying coastal farm land be abandoned to the sea. However, many of the country’s major cities could also be affected. London, Bristol and Cardiff all are expecting severe flooding as our sea defences are being destroyed by the rising tides.

Глава 19

Упражнение 1

1) The architect who is working on our project is a very nice person

2) The girl who has been injured in an accident is in hospital now

3) The company where Barbara works makes furniture

4) What happened to the picture which were on the wall

5) John, who is working as a doctor, always looks very tired

6) The books, which are on the top shelf, belong to me

7) Her husband, who is on a business trip now, is a very nice man

8) The woman who he fell in love with left in one month

9) Mary, who lives next door, is my friend

10) Colin told me about his work, which he likes very much

11) John, who speaks English and French, works as a tourist guide.

12) We stayed at the park Hotel, which was recommended to us by our friends

13) We stayed at the hotel that you recommended

14) I met Hon this morning, who I haven’t seen in ages

15) This morning I met a man who I haven’t seen for a long time

Упражнение 2

1) She likes people who are fun to be with

2) My friend Andrew, who is Scottish, plays a bagpipe

3) The politicians telling lies are disgusting

4) Politicians, each of whom tells lies, are disgusting

5) My favorite building in Colone is a church which was being built for 800 years

6) Did you like the present I gave you?

7) Who was the person who you were speaking with?

8) What I especially like in Dave is his sense of humor

9) I met with a person who work in advertising

10) I will give you a book which has changed my life

11) What helped me most is the feeling that I wasn’t alone

12) This is the funniest film that I have ever seen

13) Come in and meet the people I work with

14) This is the book I told you about

15) She is a friend you can always rely on

16) Paul, who has written many books, addressed the audience

17) His last book, which received many praises, has become a success

18) This is the woman whose sun got in jail

19) If you have questions, ask the girl standing next to the door

20) This is the chair which was repaired by the carpenter yesterday

21) This is the swimming pool where I used to go swimming

22) This is the man whose wife is a famous actress

23) This is the woman whose car was stolen

24) The restaurant where I went last week was very expensive

25) The film I watched yesterday evening was not interesting

26) Michael, whose father is a judge, works as a police officer

27) The dog I was given is very friendly

Упражнение 3

1) The car that broke down yesterday now works again

2) Everything they said was true

3) I gave her all the money I had

4) My brother showed us the car, which he is very proud of

5) This is a picture of our friends Chris and Sam, who we went travelling with

6) The wedding, to which only relative were invited, took place on Saturday

7) Helen has two brothers, neither of them is married

8) They were given the information, most part of which was useless

9) Ten people send their resumes, none of whom was suitable

10) Mike won $100,000, half of which he gave to his parents

11) Julie has two sisters, both of whom are lawers

12) I sent her two emails, neither of which she received

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Упражнение 1

1) He sais that his parents were doing well

2) He said that he was going to learn how to drive

3) He said that he wanted to buy a car

4) He said that John had a new job

5) He said that he couldn’t come to the party on Saturday

6) He said he didn’t have enough free time

7) He said he was leaving for a couple of days

8) He said he was living in Moscow

9) He said his brother was ill

10) He said that Joe and Camilla were getting married next month

11) He said that his friend had had a baby last week

12) He said that he didn’t know what Frank was doing

13) He said that he had seen my friend at the party yesterday

14) He said that he hadn’t seen Diana recently

15) He said that he was enjoying his job recently

16) He said that I could stay with him If I came to Moscow

17) He said that his car had been stolen a few days ago

18) He said that he would tell Joe he had seen me

19) He said that he was working in London next week

20) He said that he would finish this work by Friday






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